As a life / business coach and trainer I spend much of my time helping others to stay in good mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Therefore it is really important for me to stay in balance and good health. Here is where I find TBM invaluable as a great way to 'reboot' the internal computer and balance myself. Colin is a wonderful practitioner whose sincere care, intuition and knowledge can really help people maintain or create optimum health
~ Brendan Foley, Author, Life / Business Coach, Founder and Trainer with Seachange Training. www.brendanfoley.net, www.seachangetraining.com

The magic in Colin comes through his fingertips, he is an amazing healer and all my family have benefitted from his genius. And I mean that sincerely.
~ Ian Kingston, Life Coach/Business Coach.

Colin is an extraordinary, authentic, powerful and honest healer. Having known Colin for over thirty years we have some sense of where this power and energy comes from. He has come to this place in his work through real experience, study and great trust in himself. Colin has had a real impact in our lives and in those of many of our friends through his TBM work and it is great to hear that he is also bringing himself to Amatsu and other powerful healing and wellbeing practices for the future.
~ Dave & Dearbhail Gribben

I started attending Colin's clinic two years ago following a serious illness from which I had many lingering and some severe side effects. Colin's treatment has made a huge difference and I now have a much better quality of life. I donít claim to understand how either TBM or Amatsu work but I know that they do. I now have an excellent prognosis going forward and can attribute a lot of that to Colin's efforts. I have no hesitation in recommending Colin for the full spectrum of wellbeing whether you are going through an illness or just want to maximise your health.
~ Trudy Doyle, Malahide









Thought for Today

Peace and Good Feelings

Fill your mind with peace and good feelings and your mind will give that experience in return. Whatever you are experiencing in your mind now is what you put there earlier on.


Colin is an extraordinary, authentic, powerful and honest healer...
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