Food Intolerance And Sensitivity Testing

At Kokoro Clinic we offer a Food Intolerance and Sensitivity Testing service where we focus on identifying what foods, additives, chemicals and environmental substances may be contributing to symptoms you are experiencing.

Digestive disorders such as bloating, heartburn, reflux, indigestion, cramps, wind, constipation, or diarrhoea are the most obvious signs that a food disagrees with you but there are many other conditions that people do not associate with food intolerance or sensitivity. These can include:

Through a series of non-invasive tests using homeophatically-charged vials together with muscle response testing it is possible to determine which foods may be contributing to your conditions and advice on modifying and altering your diet is provided.

To make an appointment with Colin for Food Intolerance and Sensitivity Testing please phone 045-909777 or 085-7707493 or email Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

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